Hi everyone,
Well i am happy to report that i am actually feeling alittle bit better. i am somewhat still shaky and weak but i can EAT Yeah. today i felt like an actual person again. So i think i can say i see 3/4 of an eyeball to the light. i did go to the clinic which by the way is at the Methodist hospital today and get some more IV fluids and the doctor says that i can have the day off tomorrow but he does want to see me on Monday. My blood counts are good but the platletts are still a little low but coming up everyday. i just want to say to Don thank you so much for the prayers and comments and to Beth & Joseph who are awaiting up coming Transplants don’t let my words be discouraging because it looks like it does get better and i am hoping the end result will be good. I will keep posting and hopefully i can report good news tomorrow also. Thank you to Aunt Blanche also for yours prayers. i can’t wait to get this catheter out maybe next week if i don’t have to have IV fluids anymore. the procedure for that dosen’t sound good but it will be worth getting it out i have had it since end of Nov. Well thats it for now. Hopefully tomorrow i will be even better.