DAY 11

WELL IT;S ME POSTING SO THAT TELLS YOU I MUST BE FEELING A LITTLE BETTER- I HAVE BEEN GETTING DAILY NEUPOGEN SHOTS TO HELP INCREASE MY BLOOD COUNTS. MY DOCTOR CAME TO SEE ME TODay as well as every day.HE SAYS I MAY BE ABLE TO GO HOME TOMORROW.BUT I WILL STILL Have to go to the clinic every day for a while. the deal now is wacthing to see if i get a temp. so far so good. i was able to keep my food down today but nausea abd dierreA WILL STILL BE an issue for WHILE. I CAN ONLY Eat in baby steps. i did get some mouth sores but nothing severe.the main thing was my esophagous burning and dirrea dirrea dirrea. so hopefully i am on the up hill trend. wish me luck. hi to aunt blanche and extended family.thanks for all the prays. and thanks FOR all the phone calls and well wishes from the family. it has helped alot. well keep you posted.
susan & fAMILY