Shaved my head

When my hair started to fall out I prevented a big mess by shaving my head. For men in SoCal a completely bald head is a fashion statement, so I never felt out of place. However, my sons and grandson decided to make sure I was OK with being bald: they went and shaved their heads too!

I quickly found out that a nice soft wool beret was the most comfortable way of keeping my head warm. Since it was winter I took to sleeping with it on. I also had a stylish Safari style straw hat that served well in sunny weather, but the beret was the best.

When my hair came back in it was the same wavy medium brown as before, with just enough gray at the temples to prove I don’t dye it. My old HS classmates are mostly all gray or bald and seem to be jealous. My family doesn’t go gray much. My Mom didn’t have much gray until she was 85.

My Sis had treatment for Hodgkin’s and lost her hair. It had been dark brown and very wavy. It came back black and quite curly.