Hey Mark:<br>I know i wasn’t fun for you, but I la…

Hey Mark:
I know i wasn’t fun for you, but I laughed my ass off. You are amazing. How you can keep you sense of humor through all this is beyond me.

Glad to see you’re at least strong enough to launch a doctor! I hear that’s going to be a new Olympi sport in 2010, so it looks like you have a jump on things.

Hope Kermit has been keeping you entertained and that you continue to improve by the hour.

If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.

I hear that doctors in England are running trials on patients with multiple myeloma using pints of Guinness — orally of course. I think we need to do some trials of our own when you’re back up and about.

Like the doctor pulling out the catheter said, “Hey, it can’t hurt!”

Best regards. I’ll try and write more inane ramblings soon.

By the way…you should consider capturing this blog and offering it to a publisher…it’s awesome! You’re a far better writer than I!
— Rich