2 down 3 to go

Well, I’ve had the first two radiations. This department works sooo good! I have seldom experienced such efficiency, customer-kindness and friendliness in a hospital environment. I take a deep bow. I hope next days will be just as good.

On Monday I had a lot of pain and after an email and a phone call they directly took good care of things. I get opiates, two pills continuous: Oxycontin, and for emergency’s, when it gets too hard to bear an extra shot, Oxynorm. When I take that, I disappear to a quiet little cloud and the pain is quite effectively taken care of… I makes me feel nice an drowsy, but my high dose of Prednison (80mg) gives me some sleepless moments anyway. I’m not allowed to drive myself, so I will be driven. This weeks planning is taken care of.

Next week I have a checkup with the hematologist. There must be created a new series of cures that will prevent other spots to appear.

All in all, it will be an exciting and insecure period of time. Optimism and hope are great virtues, and most of the time I have enough of those. I will keep blogging…..