Day 21 of Cycle 2: another cycle over! 

I also had the result today from my blood test at the end of Cycle 1, which indicates that VTD is working extremely well. It looks like Myeloma the Puny was already on the floor and out for the count after one cycle. I don’t want to tempt fate or indulge in premature chicken-counting, but assuming he doesn’t manage to pick himself up again then I should be able to get away with just 4 cycles of VTD. That’d mean currently I can say ‘Two down, two to go!’ Half-way through! I really hope so. I’m already fed up of it.

In any case it’s a massive relief to know that I’m responding to the treatment. Waiting for results is horrible, and I’d had to mentally prepare myself for a whole range of scenarios today, which in itself is exhausting. Now I can relax.

Time for a bit of celebratory Wiggo:



My third cycle doesn’t start until Tuesday, delayed slightly by the Easter weekend. I’m not quite sure what the next four days in between are. I’m still taking the drugs, so I’m still on the bike. I think maybe I’m going down a big hill going ‘wheeeeee!’

Yours, freewheeling,

Helga the Great