1st. Amendment and Bigotry in America


This article in webnews explains how the haters petition to bring back the A& E personage to his show
demonstrates Bigotry and a lack of understanding of the US Constitution.
Sarah Palin and Gov. Jindal, both hacks for right wing extremists said, “It is a violation of First Amendment Rights.”
Wrong Again !!!!
The government has passed no law, “restricting freedom of speech.”!
A & E is NOT the government!
The great unwashed and the great mob of ignorant people who lead lives of quiet desperation hating as many people as they can who are different from them and those same ignorant people following their religion which spouts hatred of groups not in favor with their ilk,
will finds themselves consigned to the ash heap of history.  Right alongside the Klan, witch burners, medieval torturers and racists who banned interacial marriage and wanted to reinstate institutional slavery!  And haters who cannot stand that we have an African American president!