1790’s story

      Towards dark, when shadows grow long and the evening air cool, a young boy herding the milk cows from out of the pasture passes an old tree.  The tree is along a creek with the trees roots partially bared and washed out exposed by a recent rain.  The boy moves a little faster this evening for it is almost twilight and it is not good to be in these woods after dark.  The last cow climbs the long end of the creek bed and sounds her bell as she waddles up into the near woods.  The boy, looking at the last cow climbing the bank of ground from the creek , fails to notice the dark winged figure climbing down the ironwood tree right above him.
     The boy knowingly walks along with the long cow stick in his hand and the dark winged figure drops down silently behind him on the trail back to the feed barn.  He notices the last cow begin to run ahead and jump the line of cows to put distance from itself and what the cow senses and smells and boy  seemingly does not sense.  The boy, not yet 9 years old climbs out of the creek bed and follows the now running cows, those cows sensing death and running from it, are far ahead.