I’ve been waiting for my blood results to come back before posting this. Good job I did as I have neutrophil news. They are 0.1 WBC = 0.3. This may sound piffling to most of you, if not all of you out there, but for me and my closest this is a major advance on 0.01. I need to be at 0.5 and they let me out of here, maybe by the end of the week end. Lets hope it continues at a pace.
I kind of knew as I have been feeling generally better in the last couple of days.
I think I’ll celebrate with a Pepsi.
I also just bought Jeanette a bicycle today on eBay. A rather nice ‘lady’s’ Mercian, and it should arrive in the next few days. It can be ridden by any woman not just Ladys. i.e. not only wives of knights of the realm or those recognised by her majesty. Some of you know I have a small obsession for this make of cycle. They are all handmade. Rolls Royce of a cycle.