No change really. Blood results much the same; platelets up due to a bag of them yesterday afternoon. But really no change yet. Sickness under control, but I still suffer from queasy spells. Must be in my head.
Been amusing myself this morning by thinking about a holiday. Since we met Jeanette has never believed that you can read a newspaper at midnight in the summer in the north of Scotland. I know you can, because I have, many years ago when I cycled from Fort William all the way up the West coast to Ullapool and then across to Lewis and all the way back down, through Skye (quickly – as there are McDonald’s there. The clan, not the burger outlet) and onto the main land. I think I had trench foot as they were constantly wet. I found drinking whisky and washing with coal tar soap kept the ‘midge’ away from my tent. Or perhaps it’s because I wore the same clothes for a week and cycled over 500 miles – about 80 miles a day.
Anyway as I’m not allowed to fly for a few months after this, we thought we would drive up and spend some time north of Ullapool. We hope to see some people on our way up or down. If any one can recommend a cottage or hotels to stay in en route I’d be happy to hear any suggestions.
Back to my Wester Ross surfing.