139th Running of the Kentucky Derby

Hi Friends,
Today marks the beginning of the Run for the triple crown.  The first race is the Derby and of course it is run in my home state and my favorite city Louisville, pronounced  LOU-A- VULLE.   Pronunciation is everything and we all must pronounce it correctly!   I do hate it when non-residents of the city known for its “Falls of the Ohio” drag out the word…. to LOUIE-VILLE……or the french pronunciation LOUIE-V….I realize it is named for the French Monarch and I know it should by all rights be so pronounced…. but life long residents and true Kentuckians pronounce it thusly LOU-A-VULLE.

I endeavor while traveling to listen to locals pronounciations of their hometowns and try/ attempt to remember how to properly pronounce them.   The most memorable is MISS-U-RAH and MISS-OUR-RI  that is a tough one because depending upon which part of that state you land, you can hear it enunciated both ways.  Others that come to mind are BAAH-STON for Boston and NAU-YORK
for the Big Apple.  I am sure there are many others , but they right now do not come to mind.   In Kentucky we bastardize and butcher the pronunciations of Versailles to VER-SALES,  Bremen i.e.(Deutsche pronunciation) to  Ky’s dragged out …..BREEEE-MEN.   We also do not pronounce all the syllables in placenames calling them, “New Cyperssss” for NEW CYPRESS.   My point being that language and speaking are local arts and we should celebrate all dialects and pronounciations, however funny they may appear.

Back to the Derby,  first run in 1874, it is has been and always shall be tradition this day to watch the race whilst drinking a “Mint Julep” first brought to prominence by KY’s own favorite Son , Henry Clay. Henry Clay was US senator, “TRIAL LAWYER”,  emphasis added by me tooting mine own horn to a great lawyer, “The greatest man never to have been President”.
Mint Julep’s are properly made pursuant to this “Old time Recipe”

Fresh mint— bruised in a tall glass with leaves still attached, roots removed.
Add Ice
Cane sugar

This is the recipe……plain and simple!    Remember! ICE IN GLASS THEN WHISKY……. DO NOT under any circumstance drop the ice onto the
whisky ……we call that “Bruising the Whisky” and my friend it is true, believe me from
much experience.

I also add that you must make the Mint Julep with Kentucky Bourbon, there are many distilled here, pick any, they are wonderful.

This drink should be drank liberally, and I mean that in the words most open minded literal meaning.
We then all stand for the singing of Stephen Foster’s traditional “My old Kentucky Home”
This song in its original version has received what I believe to be a bad rap,  lyrics were changed by the legislature.
I remind each of you to thoroughly research said song!  Mr. Foster was an abolitionist, opposed to slavery and said song’s original lyrics lament, I believe, the institution of slavery and pray its end for all time.   But I digress to deride  the revisionists era we now live.  We should not wipe away our past to fit modern sensibilities , but embrace our evil past ….to learn from it.
    Then thoroughly numb , we enjoy the race….. the Fastest 2 minutes in sport!!!!
Today I watch as always I will until the Myeloma or whatever else may finish me…..
for a Horse to run faster than 1 minute-59.4 seconds  the record time by Secretarit!