I’m hoping that 13 is a good number for us today, in that grafting will begin. No sign yet from the bloods today. Neutos still at 0. Doctor today said it was early days yet and wait for the end of the week. Jeanette was born on the 13th, we got engaged on Friday the 13th, we moved house on Friday 13th and, as you know, we live at No.13. So No.13 doesn’t frighten us.
I can’t believe my daughters are 18 and I’ve never had them eat snails before. what a huge lapse in my responsibility as a parent. I urge you all to take your kids out at once and serve them up with a dish of snails. Delicious.
I see a marketing opportunity for Pimms in the US. It’s got to be better than iced tea surely? Anyone want to go into business?
As far as medical stuff goes, as I said my neutrophils are zero, platelets are 7 (183 when I came in) so I’ll be getting a bag of those later. Haemoglobin (Hb) is 11.4 – but I had 2 units yesterday. White blood cells (WBC) =0.
DL, you really know how to frighten a man. For a moment there I thought he knew where I lived. The hamster was the best so far.