12 Days on the Beach- and my New Raccoon Family

Hi, gang!  As Dom is getting along so well, I felt comfortable enough to head to PCB for 12 days. 

I was joined by a Tennessee girlfriend, Patricia for about a week.  She and I lived it up with gift cards given to me for Carrabba’s and Seafood Grill.  She took me to Dee’s Hangout twice.  We had big fun-  hadn’t seen each other for more than a year.  It goes without saying that we did Happy Hour at the LIQ across the street daily.

After she left, I spent my solitude on the beach, at the pool, and on my balcony.  Didn’t even leave the condo property.

The water was AMAZING!  Some of the nicest that I’ve seen over the years!

Rain Shower in the Distance

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mama Raccoon brings her 4 babies every day for a meal.  When I’m home, I’m constantly looking out the window for them.  “Good Racoon Mommy”.

When I’m not here, Dom feeds them when he thinks about it.  “Bad Raccoon Daddy”.

The female normally knocks on the door to alert me that they’re hungry.  Apparently, she was knocking and not getting a response.  So, Dom is sitting across the room watching tv.  Our of the corner of his eye, doesn’t he see feet, then finally a head climbing up the screen window in the living room!

The adorable little shit knocked out the screen!

Dom proceeded to find a squirt gun, crack the window and blast her in the face. 
“Mean Raccoon Daddy”.  (Kind of amusing, though)

Mama with 1 baby a few weeks ago

All 4 babies yesterday.  Growing fast!