11 months post stem cell transplant! 6-5-11

I can hardly believe it’s been 11 months today since my hospitalization and life-saving Stem Cell Transplant!!
And what a monumental year, month, week it has been…

So many important milestones happened on Friday June 3, 2011 !
And to think one year ago, so much was unknown cancerous territory, survival doubts and chemo fears…

So many special details on this noteworthy date of June 5, 2011… 11 months post stem cell transplant and more than a year and a half since Myeloma diagnosis…haha to you cancer… I’m still here and fighting you off, off and away!!

So many medical, personal, parental and professional accomplishments and goals met!

Alissa, Julie, Bilet ruled the stage for a magical moment
Proud parents of the double major (English and History)
double Honors student
Proud Mom and Dad Graduation Day
Priceless graduation moment with COC Chancellor Dr Dianne Van Hook
The era of our Mother-Daughter Student Services team
is soon coming to a close…
Many firsts, many lasts, many milestones
She’s moving on, moving forward
New adventures, new location, new college
Special events, magical moments that can never be again
Student-Admissions Office Employee-Daughter’s
Name at the 2011 Graduation Commencement Ceremony
Absolutely Priceless
Once in a life time moment for us
Cancer didn’t stand a chance stealing this storybook moment from me!
Lucky, lucky us!!!