11 – 1 – 11 ~ Cancer is still # 1 ~ but hasn’t won!

Yes, #1 rules the day today!
Who was it that said 1 “is a lonely number”?

Hello November 2011
Where’d October 2011 go so fast?

October’s are COMPLICATED…
October’s represent so many milestones in my life… good and bad.

Two years ago October 2009, I took some VERY important BLOOD tests…
Their IMPORTANCE so unknown to me at that time!
Those October 2009 blood tests SCREAMED something was WRONG with me, but I really didn’t listen well
Those October 2009 blood tests eventually opened the diagnosis-window to the invasion of Myeloma

This October 2011 was a month of continuing to try to move forward in my “New Normal”…
But WHAM!, slap me in the face BAM!… cancer comes to me in multiple reminders!!!

October 2011 seemed to bring more Cancer diagnoses:
My beautiful doggie Molly, my students, colleagues, close friends, neighbors, and new Myeloma sisters from across the country and the globe.

Goodbye October
Hello November

Here’s a tribute to October’s moments:

Remembering then:
October 2010
Buzzzzzz time !!
Thank you my son Scott for a great boy-cut
I still laugh when I remember you buzzing me
and I wanted to retain my “bangs”.. hahaha!!

Reclaiming now:
October 2011
New October, New Hair, New Plan:
Born Blonde, gonna Dye / Die Blonde!! lol
Goldilocks is coming back… well… in short form
(Lousy pic of me, sporting the the Revlimid chemo tired look!)
Reinventing todays:
Bring on the Blonde!
Back to being me… (well almost, ha!)
Celebrating Jill’s superstar success !!
Representing love:
Our beautiful shelter-rescue Molly
Born in October 2002
Diagnosed October 2011 with bone/sinus cancer
(the black doggie here, not you, daughter Alissa!)

Beautiful Barbara
My new Myeloma girlfriend (and her husband Rich)
from Alabama
Thank you Myeloma for introducing us!!!
Celebrating Remission
(Debbie, me and Jim)
Thank you Debbie and Cameron for your $upport!
Thank you COC Nursing Students
for selecting me as your 2011
Ultimate fighters!
SuperStar Supporters
Brian (right) and Shaheen (left)
His courage, strength, determination, and bravery
leaves me in the dust!
And so….
I thank all of you for your support, love, encouragement, humor and friendship!
I dedicate this 11 – 1 – 11 “blog of oneness” to all of you currently battling this mysterious evil invader into our lives called Cancer.
I am thinking about all of you who have battled, fought and lost
I am thinking about all of you who have battled, fought, dominated and WON!
And I am thinking about all of US who are still battling, fighting, kicking and screaming and not willing to let Cancer win…
So on this day of 11 – 1 -11 … we’re #1 :)
Cheers to Chemo Cycle #13 Post Stem Cell Transplant
Go Revlimid Chemotherapy stomping and chomping on Myeloma cells!
Raising my glass of water, downing my pill and toasting to Life and continued Remission!!!
Just saw this!!!
What???!!! I should’a partied more!!!
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