101 Amazing Uses for ESSENTIAL OILS

The good folks at FAMILIUS were kind enough to send me this little beauty.  It’s a sturdy 6 x 8-inch paperback that is divided into four separate sections featuring guidance for HEALTH, WELL-BEING, BEAUTY and HOME uses. 

As some of my friends are both using and selling essential oils, I was tickled to receive this!

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                          Natural solutions to everyday needs

Simple recipes and tips to swap out chemical filled modern solutions and get back to the benefits of nature’s oldest remedies.



Meet the Author 

Susan Branson

Susan has worked in the field of biology and toxicology as a researcher, writer and administrator. She took time off and stayed at home after her second child was born. In addition to the now full-time job of being a stay-at-home mom, she also took violin lessons, took photography courses, earned a diploma in writing, and ultimately became a holistic nutritional consultant. Susan is a member of CSNN’s Alumni Association, Canada’s leading holistic nutrition school.