1 Year Bone Marrow Results

Well, having posted on Facebook, I nearly forgot to update my blog to say that I have now had my results back regarding my bone marrow aspirate. It was much earlier than I had expected, but my lovely Nurse Specialist called me yesterday to say that I now only have 2% abnormality in my bone marrow, as opposed to the 5% that I had this time last year. It is what we had expected, but just occasionally, the blood results (that I have checked monthly) don’t tally up with what is happening in the bone marrow. So this was great news for us and means that my ‘Very Good Partial Remission’ is still there! It also bears significance to me (and I’m not sure how accurate I am with this belief) as I have heard that if you relapse before a year is past, they won’t even consider further Stem Cell Transplants. Hopefully now, whenever it happens, a transplant would be an option. Not that I want another one!

So basically now, I need to stay in remission for a few more years until they are closer to a cure!!

My Nurse Specialist has told me to go and live my life (not that I think I wasn’t before!) so I’d better get busy, busy, busy with the ball!

Talking of which, We are really excited to announce that our Glitz and Glamour Raffle Tickets are now on sale at £1 each (or available in books of 10)! We are really pleased with our prizes and hope you will be too! Further details can be found at www.glitzandglamourball.co.uk.

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If you would like to buy tickets, please contact me and let me know how many you would like. We are hoping that lots of you might be able to sell a few on for us  as it will be one of our main ways of reaching our £10,000 target. Please remember they will not be available at the ball itself as the draw will take place on Sunday 4th November.
You can either request on ‘sale or return’, or you can send me a cheque for however many you want, payable to ‘Glitz and Glamour’ and I will send you the tickets and put the stubbs in the draw for you (if you are happy for the tickets to be held here on your behalf, it would save us a little postage which is always great!). If you would prefer to pay by BACS, please let me know. (Those of you who have tickets for the ball will be receiving a book of 10 to sell with your ticket – please let us know if you would like more)
Greetings Name Page
We are also doing a Children’s Name Page in our Event Programme for the Glitz and Glamour Ball. It is a great way of supporting the ball and for just £5 you can put your child’s name (e.g. Rebecca Gascoyne) or for £10, you can put your family name (e.g. The Gascoyne Family). I have attached an example of what the page will look like.
Children’s name page
If you would like to put your child or family name in, please send me a cheque, again to ‘Glitz and Glamour’ and details of the name you would like put in. We need this detail by the 9th September please in order to get it to print in time. If you think you could help us by getting a list of names and monies on our behalf, please find attached a form that you can ask people to complete.
All cheques should be sent to Glitz and Glamour, 484 West Wycombe Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 4AH. I have also heavily reduced our Sponsorship packages, so if you are interested, please take a look at www.glitzandglamourball.co.uk where you can find all the details under ‘Sponsorship’.
Many thanks for all of your support to date, and I hope that you will consider supporting the two initiatives above so that we can reach our £10,000 target for Myeloma UK!