1 year 1 month post SCT 2011

Hi Everyone-
Just a quick update…

Life’s good… most of the time

Busy… all the time
Complicated… all the time
Still trying to find what works for me in the “new normal”…
Still on maintenance Revlimid Chemo
Always tired
Still have Neuropathy, but certainly not as bad as months ago
Still have crazy nerve and arthritis type pains
Had an MRI on Sunday
Hopefully that will identify what’s causing my right arm dysfuntionality…
Too many, too close are diagnosed and gone
Too many, too close are diagnosed and going through challenging treatments
I feel very fortunate for my quick diagnosis and treatments and current Remission
Reflecting that I have been on 3 types of Chemo (Revlimid, Cytoxan, Melphalan) since Jan 2010!
But I’m not happy with my transformation
Still mourning the loss of “Goldilocks”
Questioning my future
Wondering my prognosis
Scared to acknowledge my marriage to C A N C E R
Trying to have fun
Trying to bring back normalcy