CURE High Risk Multiple Myeloma And You CURE All Myeloma!  Dr. Robert Orlowski Of M.D. Anderson Discusses Present And Future High Risk Treatments.

Dr. Robert Orlowski of MD Anderson, an internationally known and respected myeloma expert, will be the featured speaker on CURE TALKS on February 24th, at 6 PM EST to discuss current and future treatment for high risk Multiple Myeloma.  You can get details of the broadcast if you CLICK HERE.


So why is progress for high risk multiple myeloma so important?  The primary reason is life expectancy of patients with high risk cytogenetic features will live just 2 years on average, and 3 years under the care of a myeloma specialist.  Low Risk patients now live on average 5 years and under the care of a myeloma specialist, to 10 years and more.   About 20% of patients have high risk myeloma,, but many of the 80% of low risk patients will ultimately become high risk in the later phases of their disease.  We are therefore hopeful  a CURE for high risk patients will not only help newly diagnosed high risk patients, but finally have an option when all available drugs become ineffective.  You can find a definition of high risk myeloma if you CLICK HERE!  The high risk definition is a few pages deep in this article.  

Why Dr. Orlowski to explain high risk disease, and to answer your questions?

– Dr. Orlowski is the Director of Myeloma and Professor in the Departments of Lymphoma/Myeloma and Experimental Therapeutics, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.(Considered the best Cancer Center in the World) 

– Dr. Orlowski heads up the MD Anderson Cancer Moon Shot to cure high risk multiple myeloma

– He is on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative to find and fund the most probable curative clinical trials for high risk myeloma. CLICK HERE to view the projects.

– His program has exceptional survival rates, and his program is on the cutting edge of those clinical trials for new medications and treatments.

– Doctor Orlowski has an uncanny way of presenting some very complex and detailed scientific information in a manner which is understandable to the patient.  

– Early on in the life of, Dr. Orlwoski was named one of the GREAT EIGHT of  myeloma specialists in the World by this web site, and he remains one of my top choices.

Good luck and may God Bless your Cancer Journey.   For more information on multiple myeloma survival rates and treatments CLICK HERE and you can follow me on twitter at: