…and me boots are heavy!

I don’t know what happened with last week it was an odd one.

It rained – a LOT.  I put off doing loads of things.  Monday was okay, I picked up my prescription, I phoned the Royal about a sick note, I put some things off but thought I can do these on Wednesday.  I went to yoga on Tuesday, came home had a shower and put my jim jams on at three thirty in the afternoon as outside clothes needed ironing.  I should have seen the signs then but then I rallied later as a friend was calling round in the evening and after tea I felt suitably perked up to iron some clothes and when she arrived we took Bud for another walk.  I also put the central heating on – I mean it’s August.

Wednesday – it rained!  B suggested I stay in and watch a film rather than venture out in the car as it was wet and there were nearby roadworks which were causing a lot of delays or an extremely extended journey to avoid them… and I did!  Bud got a tiny stroll through the wood opposite and then I watched two and a half films (Shrek Forever After, Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Pandorum) and crocheted square after Share a Square square.  Bud did get a walk later on.  And yet again we had the  heating on from 17:00.  It wasn’t so much cold as damp.  And when our internet blew a big raspberry at me I couldn’t be bothered to so much as threaten to poke it with a knitting needle.

Thursday was a somewhat better day but I still couldn’t motivate myself to get things done and hey I still had Friday morning  to catch up with things and that would be ideal as I had the incentive of getting them finished before B got up.

We also had salad for tea every night.  I don’t mind it but B loves it and is going through a tuna salad phase.  I can take or leave tuna and honestly prefer to leave it.  I insisted on feta salad one night but otherwise took the path of least resistance as I couldn’t think of anything easier.

Friday – I awoke to a mild headache but experienced no leg pain for the first time in weeks when I took Bud for a walk.  This hasn’t been anything major just niggling at some points – other than having to stop twice going up stairs one day – B was behind me so I didn’t get away with it and got reminded that I had forgotten to mention this at the previous week’s hospital appointment along with forgetting to ask about a sick note.

By the time we got back from our walk I felt suitably like kakapo (my new word for kak – I’m sure you know but just in case a kakapo is actually a flightless parrot from New Zealand which appears full of character and is a suitably appropriate shade of green).  The headache had got worse and  I felt a bit sick.  So I popped another 30mg of codeine, B got up and by the time I’d made a light lunch of pain au chocolate, strawberries and blueberries I was able to take two more paracetamol , another 30mg codeine and an anti-sickness tablet.

Now I had thought it was a migraine but normally when I pile on the painkillers for them they take the edge off but nothing else.  However I felt remarkably better and finished the ironing and then cruised the internet while B hoovered.  Later on the feeling of kakapo returned but again was reduced by more medication.  I also experienced a bit of a pain in my head so obviously thought that one of the lytic lesions in my skull was kicking off.

By Saturday morning I had the good sense to take my temperature and it was a bit high.  However it dropped back down and hasn’t made a re-appearance since.  So maybe it wasn’t a migraine after all but a bit of a bug that had been hanging on me for the best part of the week and something I can put my fluctuating enthusiasm down to.

This meant that Saturday was filled up with catching up.  A trip to Tesco with the dodgy TV bought last year resulting in a long wait during which I could see B getting wound up.  He had called at his mum’s every morning on his way home from work (as he was passing to avoid the roadworks and his brother was away so it would keep her appeased).  This had resulted in his breakfast being later than usual and his sleep being all over the place.  He only got up at 17:00 on Wednesday and this also meant I felt I hadn’t seen him much.

After a few more errands on Saturday and walking Bud (me taking photos of our route winding him up more) we ended up only getting to my Auntie Ann’s at 18:30 and me feeling like the day had just gone poof!

Whilst I cruised the internet on Friday I discovered via Cassie’s blog Pinterest and was smitten.  How come I didn’t know about this before.  Well okay I had seen it dotted about on blogs but hadn’t paid it attention or rather the attention it was due.  It’s fantastic  or rather FANTASTIC!  You can pin anything on a board and easily reference it and it links you straight back to the website you saw it on!!!!!  So anyhoo I had a bit of a potter around there and later actually pinned something to one of my boards and have by now just about managed to stop calling it Pin-interest.  And there’s the issue of re-decorating which I still want to do but don’t want to start it if I can’t finish it – B doesn’t decorate – and I can’t decided where to start as in what new look to go for and Pinterest would be ideal for compiling ideas.

So, of all things, this pottering about on Pinterest kicked off a moan on Sunday as we were walking Bud.  B had caught up with his sleep so only got up after 13:00 and I had the morning to be glum.  Now this isn’t a feeling I experience often but just about sums Sunday morning up ad I’m not really a moaner, certainly not to any professional standard.  I have a friend, who I worked with at the time, who has an ‘ology in it and once suggested I give it a whirl – she then suggested I go home!

As we joined the busy-ish by-pass I started telling B about Pinterest (whether he wanted to know or not – I think we all know which that was).  This then blended into a whinge about how I really wanted to just be able to worry about paint and furnishings rather than stem cell transplants and myeloma, and as we waited on the central reservation, about how I guess I really thought (despite being prepared for a chromosome deletion) that the biggest issue from my last appointment would be discussing going back to work, etc, etc, etc, and as we reached the path on the other side and it got quieter, finished off with ‘and me boots are heavy’.  Then I started giggling hysterically at the proclamation of this minor yet more immediate  issue.

To which B said ‘What was that bit before your boots being heavy?’ which resulted in yet more giggling and B then said ‘You should have put your other shoes on.’

I obviously need way more practice in the art of moaning I mean I can’t even grasp lesson one – Make sure someone can hear you!