What The Heck Zometa! A Week of Fevers and Pain

Hello 8.18.18

Really Body? What’s up with all this torture? What did I ever do to you to deserve this backlash? Remember,… at this time in my life, we were supposed to be PLAYING, winding down my career, and chillin for a change? I won’t even list a…

Royal Cat Seeking New Domain

This is Rocky: Possibly Royal Cat now accepting applications from domestic domiciles that may well benefit from his wise and patient supervision.  He likes to sit looking quite regal but I doubt he has royal lineage.  I’m also a bit suspicious of his feline pedigree.  I personally don’t know any Ewoks and I barely remember […]


I’m gonna work the straw. Make the sweat drip out of every poreSeven Nation Army – White StripesA job well done …Gyles has swum his 2km. In the process, raising almost £2k for Myeloma UK. You can still sponsor him, if you haven’t done so already – he…