High Card Again

I had my three-month Multiple Myeloma cancer check recently.  I had a blood draw for lab work a few days prior. I once watched Emma, a high school girl, sink twenty or more baskets in a row.  She warmed up by sinking ten hoops, missed one and started over, sinking one-handed shots one after another […]

Medical update

This latest treatment plan I’m on has been a real humdinger, the hardest I’ve ever been on.  It is a combination of lower doses of four drugs, but it causing some very unacceptable side effects.  I’ve been ready to quit on more than one occas…

Chemo in the Belly! Hello Vintage Velcade

Hello October!

I’m headed to the Chemo Lab soon for my 3rd Velcade shot. So far, so good THIS TIME! Some Neuropathy, but nothing crazy like the “Frankenstein affect” I had from Melphalan back in July 2010, as prep for my Stem Cell Tran…