Remaining Happy, When You Just Want to Scream


Hello 1.19.19.
So fun to type out 9’s! Yes, 9’s. 9’s representing 9 years of battling and living with Myeloma.

My topic of this post was going to be philosophizing about Happiness. Being Happy. Remaining Happy. Finding Happiness. Maintaining …

Every cloud.

Yesterday Mike went off to have a bone marrow aspirate, Dr B. wants to check what is going on with his bone marrow, whether Mike now has the added benefit of MDS / myelodysplasia / myelodysplastic syndrom and also do some genetic testing on the sample….

The Caveat

One of the side effects of living with cancer is the magnification of experiences. I see with clearer eyes, hear the noise, the hush and silent voices and feel with a depth that draws tears, laughter and hugs instantly. I am acutely aware of time, careful to invest in it with heart and mind. I… Continue reading The Caveat

Barking at the Moon

Grandma benefits include watching kid movies with the little ones!  I’ve seen “Moana” at least 25 times, and many, many other classics of course, but the one that I have slowly fallen in love with is “Bolt”.  It’s a story about a girl and her dog, Bolt, who are the “actors” in a superhero cartoon. … Continue reading Barking at the Moon