“I’m not goin’ in there.  YOU go in there!” barked Specialist E5 Arnie Pella. “Arnie, I’m the squad leader this trip and I said for you to go. Everyone except you has had to walk point.” “Still, I’m not goin’. I have this feelin’ about it, man. It’s like this overbearing sense of doom. You […]

About War

It was a beautiful night. The sky was live with millions of pinpoint lights, stars that were invisible to people who lived in cities and towns whose light pollution masked the heavens as effectively as a blindfold. The three of us guys lay on our backs and looked up at the heavens, almost distracted from […]

Collateral Damage

“Everybody just shut up.” hissed the sergeant. Our squad had been bickering over little nothings. We were tired, hot, sticky with sweat and tired, not to mention anxious. We were on a short patrol, perhaps a klick out from the tactical operations center. It was our job to make sure that Charlie wasn’t snooping the […]

It Happened Quickly

Stupid launcher. I just couldn’t put enough rounds through the M-79 grenade launcher I carried. It took too long, loading it like a single shot shotgun, cracking it open, extracting the spent shell and then feeding another round into the chamber. Our squad was taking AK-47 small arms fire that was relentless and continuous. Shards […]