It’s not enough

You want to know why so many veterans take their own lives, a good example is VA administration of claims. The news recently featured Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki explaining that the backlog in VA claims will be fixed by 2015. It should be pointed out that Secretary Shinseki promised “aggressive action” to deal with […]

It makes me sigh

Honda offers a $1000 rebate to anyone who purchases one of their vehicles and has it specially adapted for handicap operation. A thousand dollars cash back is a good incentive to buy a vehicle, especially one which had all of the criteria one needed. At any rate, Honda offer the rebate and it was one of the factors in my deciding to purchase my vehicle. I got a call from Honda today (1/18/2013) explaining that they were not going to […]


When I was twenty I had a suspicion that I would crash and burn at age thirty. The idea of thirty seemed like such a very long way away when viewed from twenty. But then I became thirty and decided that I was just getting into the swing of things, that thirty wasn’t an end, […]