“I’m not goin’ in there.  YOU go in there!” barked Specialist E5 Arnie Pella. “Arnie, I’m the squad leader this trip and I said for you to go. Everyone except you has had to walk point.” “Still, I’m not goin’. I have this feelin’ about it, man. It’s like this overbearing sense of doom. You […]

Beverly Carroll

Beverly Carroll was a good friend. She died on August 12, 2014 after a long bout with cancer. A regular riot, she would turn almost any conversation with anyone into a discussion of the reasons that everyone should use the Linux operating system, preferably the Ubuntu distributions. “None of he update every week stuff to […]

Brand New Day

In 1969 I left the army, a freshly minted malcontent who’d realized that the war had nothing to do with the ideals I thought it did and so I felt betrayed. I took off my uniform for the last time on January 9th, 1969 and sought to rejoin the world that made sense to me. […]

Scholarly Weirdness

“Maybe he’s an android.” I said to my friend Toby. “Android? No, I think he’s an alien. An android would have more social skills.” “I know what you mean, but I think his being an android would explain more about his single dimension character and monotonic way of talking. An alien is alive and would […]

Space Case

I’ve always loved the documentaries about space sciences. My curiosity and fascination with things universal started early with my asking questions of, what to me, should have been the most informed experts on the heavens. I’m talking about the nuns and priests in the Catholic church to which my mother was a devout follower.  Oddly […]

It Takes a Village

I loved the overcast days on Long Island Sound as much as I did the sunny ones. On overcast days, the lack of glare was easier on the eyes and allowed greater visual acuity long distances. You could still get a heck of a sunburn if you hadn’t slathered yourself with at least an SPF […]

Play Day

The sun was shining brightly and the air had a moist texture to it from the thunderstorms that passed through Spokane in the night. The temperature went from 55 degrees just before dawn right up to 80 degrees before the clock hit noon. “I think the turn is just ahead.” I told my wife. She […]

My Toys

I have the maturity of a twelve year old when it comes to toys. Whether they’re the little tiny wind up kind that cost 89 cents or a radio controlled ground or air vehicle pricing out at two grand, I’m a total sucker for toys. I will say in my defense that there has to […]