Who knows? Not me! We never lost controlThe Man Who Sold The World – David Bowie *Check up… KFLC 195 … Hb 11.7 … Neutros 1.42 ..Living in the moment on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua.This is not a travel blog, and I still endeavour to stick to the ru…

Go forth and multiply

                    This is a world population graph compiled by the United Nations. It is the most depressing graph I’ve ever seen –aside from the one that shows the number of bone lesions I have. That one is a bit more personal in terms of impact, but […]

A Taxing Situation

Harper walked across the stage, one of a line of black robe and mortarboard wearing students. He was finally graduating school after twenty three years. For all of those years he’d been in classes seven hours a day, six days a week, with two weeks off each January and July. It had been the same […]