My Toys

I have the maturity of a twelve year old when it comes to toys. Whether they’re the little tiny wind up kind that cost 89 cents or a radio controlled ground or air vehicle pricing out at two grand, I’m a total sucker for toys. I will say in my defense that there has to […]

So many parts

I looked at all of the different sized balsa wood panels and thought to myself “I’ll never finish this.” There were about thirty different panels, each one with shapes razor cut into them. My first job was to split them all out and sand off any lumps or fibers left behind. Tedious stuff. I could […]

All By Myself

My flight instructor told me to do a couple of touch and goes and then sat back. I ran the throttle of the two seater Aeronca Champion up and taxied down to the end of the field and lined up on the grass runway. It was a gorgeous day, about seventy degrees and a partly […]

May 18, 1980

Originally posted to Usenet’s rec.aviation July 3, 1993, this was one of my very early Internet articles. Today is the 33rd anniversary of Mt. Saint Helens eruption. “Walla Walla Flight Watch, Luscombe two-niner-two-five-kilo.” “Luscombe two-five kilo, this is Walla Walla, go.” “Walla Walla, two-five-kilo. I’m approximately 40 miles northeast of Spokane and I’m looking at a […]

Motherly love

The Grumman AA-5 Traveler bobbed and weaved in the hot summer air. A four seater, it was a pretty slick airplane. My friend Greg and I had taken the plane from our home field at Evergreen in Vancouver, Washington. My mother lived in Carmel, California, some fifty feet from the Pacific Ocean in front of […]