Attack of the Raptor

The little airplane flew into a thermal and began to rise dramatically. “Woo hoo!” said Lee, chortling. He moved the controls to circle the plane and keep it in the rising column of air while backing off of the throttle simultaneously. Jake had the other controller and was ‘flying the camera.’ Their drone was setup to use […]

A Simple Procedure

I sat up and swung my feet over the side of the bed. Something nagged at the back of my mind as I stumbled into the bathroom. That’s about as far as I can walk without sagging to the ground in agony, my spine feeling like the bones have been heated white hot. I was […]

Droning on and on

“I don’t want nobody to have the ability to take my picture whenever they please.” grumbled Bill Tenney at the dining table. He was having a business lunch with his fellow salesmen at the Caterpillar dealership outside Macon, Georgia. They’d often found themselves sitting in this self-same spot, usually two or three times a week […]

Fly the friendly skies

“Woo hoo!” shouted Phan. His quadcopter lifted off the ground with a smooth woosh and climbed straight up at a good clip. “Plenty power, yes?”  “Looking good, man. But you should probably keep it below a hundred feet what with this being the first flight and all.” I said. “Is smart.” he nodded, pulling back […]

Unmanned News

Well, at least they ended on a positive note. I’m referring to a story CNN did on, one of my Internet hangouts. As I said, in the end they spoke of a few of the positive contributions that autonomous aerial drones make to society, but only after they vilified them as tools for terrorists. […]