Science Faction

“Artoo!” “Tweet.” “Go forward. Two units.” “Tweetle tweet.” The canister looking robot rolled forward about three feet and then made another tweet noise. I spent about ten minutes talking to the plastic replica of the Star Wars robot before I reached down and shut its power off. Every now and then I take out my Astromech R2D2 […]

From WTF to RTF

The box left by UPS was big. Not as large as a few they’ve dropped off on the porch, but big enough. It measured two and a half feet on a side and was 20 inches deep. I looked at the container and my smile grew large, not unlike the box. It was here at […]

Who? Who?

My daughter is the middle kid. I love all my children immensely, but there is a special quality to my relationship to my little girl. I hear it’s that way between dads and daughters a lot. Like me, she was a little late to bloom. Here she is, turning 30 and finally graduating college. She’s […]

With nothing pressing

The sun was hot on my back as I knelt beside the box. It was a regular wooden crate, I think peaches once came in it. I used it as a landing pad for my drone. It’s a new drone, another of my four rotor radio control aircraft, which I now have four of. They […]