We have all been here before

Harley looked out the window of his lake cabin and blinked. He shook his head like a wet dog and looked again. Sure enough he was looking at a tornado and it was zipping across the lake aimed directly at his home. The sight froze him and he stood there as the wind picked up […]

Went Up the Drain Again

I saw the movement in my peripheral vision and snapped my head around to see what had attracted my attention. It was a huge spider. It’s carpace was the size of my thumb and its legs were long –perhaps an inche between the joints. It was one big spider. “Holy crap!” I shouted and scooted away from where it had dropped down, repelling on its own thread to land on a model of a tower crane I’d built.  It took […]

It could happen.

“Welcome, veteran. Please insert your hand in the recognizer or look into the visual recognizer for identification.” It had a soft, feminine voice that at once sounded compassionate and concerned. I was looking at a large video screen with the Veteran Administration logo emblazoned in high definition. I stuck my hand in the recognizer tube […]