How to Prove Your Disability for VA Claims

Oftentimes only people with disabilities know the extend of their own suffering and difficulties, but there are times when letting the outside world know how you feel, as best as you can, is important.

In the case of applying for disability claims, there are some things you should know for giving yourself the best chance at success, as noted in this recent column by Ken Cruickshank, a retired Navy Master Chief Petty Officer and the Veterans Services Officer for Tulare County in California.

Among the most important points made by Cruickshank:

-You should apply for a service-connected disability benefit as soon as possible after your discharge date, which will help you prove it was service-connected

-The verification process is the first step, and you typically need three items of support: medical evidence of a current, chronic (continuous) disability; evidence of having suffered a disease, injury, or event while engaged in active service; and evidence linking these two items together.

Two Categories to Know

Your claim will fall under one of two categories: direct service connection or presumptive service connection.

Direct service connection meets all of the three conditions mentioned earlier, while presumptive disability refers to a health condition that could possibly have arisen during service.

For a more detailed explanation of what you should know before you apply, check out Cruickshank’s column by clicking here.


Agent Orange Bill Legislation Set To Run Out October 1, 2014

Everyone knows Agent Orange is bad, and exposed veterans know that it causes certain cancers and other diseases after exposure. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recognizes this, and for all of these cancers and diseases, disability compensation is practically automatic. These are called “presumptive” conditions that are presumed to be caused by the military purely because of time and date in service.

Veterans’ children have long been recognized to have birth defects and diseases resulting from their parents’ exposure to Agent Orange.  Currently, the VA recognizes many such conditions in the children of women veterans, but the list for male veterans’ children is significantly shorter. It includes only spina bifida (with the exception of spina bifida occulta).

What a lot of veterans don’t know, though, is that Agent Orange exposure has also caused numerous, serious birth defects in exposed male veterans’ children, besides spina bifida. These can include:

– Crohn’s disease
– Lupus
– thyroid disease
– chronic kidney disease
– missing parts of limbs
– webbed toes

The list is much, much larger than this. For a complete list of diseases and birth defects known to have occurred in children of vets exposed to Agent Orange, please visit the Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance (COVVHA).

The Agent Orange Act of 1991 went into effect for the purpose of researching the diseases and birth defects found in exposed veterans’ children, to find out what they were, and to add them to the list of VA covered conditions.

The Act began a review of conditions in 1994 which was originally scheduled to run until 2001, but later was extended till October 1, 2014. Every few years, more conditions were added to the VA’s list. On October 1, 2014, the last review will take place, so any conditions not included in this last report will probably be left out of the VA’s list for good, unless more legislation comes into play.

It is likely we will see this last report, which covers the data from 2012, 2013, and 2014 sometime in 2015.

If you are a child of an exposed veteran, COVVHA encourages you to file a claim with the VA so that your voices can start being heard.

The instructions for doing so are found at the COVVHA website and are reproduced below:


GMOs Proven Harmful To Human Health

Do you ever wonder why “pro gmo” people simply refuse to acknowledge the science?  The truth is, we don’t know enough about GMOs to deem them safe for human consumption. Believe it or not the very first commercial sale of them was only twenty years ago. There is no possible way that our health authorities can test all possible combinations on a large enough population, over a long enough period of time to be able to say with absolute certainty that they are harmless.

“GM Crop Production is Lowering US Yields and Increasing Pesticide Use…There is no reason GM foods should be approved safe for consumption, we just don’t know enough about them. We could easily feed the planet through organic, GMO-free methods, so there is absolutely no reason we need GM foods around… the current approval of glyphosate and Roundup is deeply flawed and unreliable…Because humans that’ve been exposed to glyphosate have a drop in amino acid tryptophan levels, they do not have the necessary active signalling of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is associated with weight gain, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.“

GMOs Prove Harmful To Humans In These Ten Scientific Studies :

15 GMO Safety Studies LINKS HERE

Ten Scientific Studies Prove that GMO Foods Can Be Harmful To Human Health

Over the past few years, a number of countries have completely banned GMOs and the pesticides that go along with them, and they are doing so for a reason. The latest country to consider a complete ban is Russia after top government scientists recommended at least a 10-year ban.

The truth is, we don’t know enough about GMOs to deem them safe for human consumption. Believe it or not the very first commercial sale of them was only twenty years ago. There is no possible way that our health authorities can test all possible combinations on a large enough population, over a long enough period of time to be able to say with absolute certainty that they are harmless.

There are a multitude of credible scientific studies that clearly demonstrate why GMOs should not be consumed, and more are emerging every year.

“GM Crop Production is Lowering US Yields and Increasing Pesticide Use…There is no reason GM foods should be approved safe for consumption, we just don’t know enough about them. We could easily feed the planet through organic, GMO-free methods, so there is absolutely no reason we need GM foods around… the current approval of glyphosate and Roundup is deeply flawed and unreliable…Because humans that’ve been exposed to glyphosate have a drop in amino acid tryptophan levels, they do not have the necessary active signalling of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is associated with weight gain, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.“
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The Viet Nam War Stole their Fathers

The Viet Nam War Stole Their Fathers
(C) James J Alonzo
I hate it when someone parrots General SHerman’s quote;  ”War is Hell!”, because that’s a lie. Hell is only for the guilty. War is worse than Hell, war not only destroys a country, kills soldiers on both sides, but it also kills and destroys innocent people. Sometime whole generations.
Viet Nam is where It began, the young men answering the call of their country, basic training, then advance training, and then after training, they received their orders.
Orders that send these young men and women to this exotic country in Southeast Asia. These orders telling them that they got sent to this exotic country, to meet interesting people, and even kill some of them.
Viet Nam was war, gore, heat, death, chaos, and destruction. A war that stole from children of the Viet Nam warriors, their father’s heart. A war that killed his buddies, his spirit, and hardened the man from within!
Vietnam was a place that many soldiers left parts of themselves, body parts, parts of their  psychological being, their morality, their soul, all the while hurting with fear, and pain.
Viet Nam was a place that over 58,000 of their buddies died. Viet Nam was a war that hundreds of thousands were wounded and maimed. While others their age were safe at home in America, protesting the wall calling these soldiers “baby killers.”
Viet Nam was a war where terror through the night struck hard, as beads of sweat rolled down their faces, as insects bit.  Viet Nam was a war that they did not choose, but they were there, not for country, mom’s apple pie, but to stay alive, and protect their fellow soldiers lives.
Viet Nam was the war that they had to listen to the fire of ammunition echoing through the sky, and watching their buddies falling at their sides, their blood beneath spreading across the mud and dirt. Soldiers dead, or wounded, crying out “who is caring about me?”
Viet Nam was where they had to stay alive by crawling through the mud, having to improvise, learning to roll with the shock and changes as they came.
Young and naive, struggling to survive with each passing day, never knowing that some of the planes above were spraying chemicals that would kill them years later, and cause health problems for their children, and grand children.
Viet Nam, where soldiers had to drudge through the mud up to their knees, crossing warm rivers with leeches, snakes, and contaminated water by dioxin from Agent Orange runoffs.
Earth giving soldiers shelter from harm, as they grasp it and hold on to it tight, feeling it beneath their feet pulling them into the darkness of the jungles.
Guns readily at their sides, never allowed to go to sleep. And when they try to sleep, while their buddies watch, nightmares flash through their mind. Flares flicker overhead, fired into the sky to aid in searching for the enemy hiding in the black jungle.
At the end of their tour, the United Sates of America sending them home one by one, scarred by the war, not knowing their minds damaged with PTSD, bodies contaminated with Agent Orange.
Back home, no one really understanding the pain and suffering going on with the combat soldiers. No one understood the protests, and the anger directed at the combat veteran.
Thousands of tears fall to the ground for the Vietnamese victims of The war, but not for the soldiers coming home one by one. Where was the welcoming home, the support they needed to go on with their lives?
Some parents, wives and children grieving the loss of their sons, dead fathers and husbands. Others, their soldiers are standing in front of them, but the soldier that came home is spiritually and emotionally gone forever.
The Black Wall in Washington, Beer, Whiskey, and Cigarettes speaking from the graves of the brothers who died in front of them. To forget, suicide, or drugs and alcohol are used, a disease that swept across the nation of American combat soldiers. Children and wives left behind, guilt, pain and suffering over taking their lives.
Misunderstood, and running away from the memories that still lived inside, screaming murder, blood everywhere. Nightmares, flashbacks, memories in the soldiers head, wrestling day in, day out, all through the night. Combat veterans, no joy or life left in them.
The soldiers that survived Viet Nam, coming home, their children born, filled with defects and illnesses, parents crying through the night. Questions of why unanswered, walls built up, broken communication, lack of love, relations dissolve. Prayers for the child of the soldier to survive.
The Viet Nam War stole their fathers, damaged family’s lives, as the aftermath of Agent Orange spread through their veins one by one. No mercy, no compassion, where is the justice for the American soldier and his family

Agent Orange – Granchildren of Vietnam Veterans Reported Birth Defects Update

We have compiled a list of 159 reported illnesses that the biological Grand-Children of Vietnam Veterans are suffering from to try and find common threads. There have been no official claims that anything on this list has been proven to be caused by Agent Orange/Dioxin unless otherwise noted in the information below. If your child is suffering from any illness not listed, please email us at COVVHA@GMAIL.COM. This list has been updated as of September 22, 2013.
1. 16p deletion in DNA:
2. Abdominal Migraines
3. Abdominal Scar Tissue Growth
4. Alopecia Universalis
5. Allergic Rhinitis AKA Hay Fever
6. Allergies- Food, Milk, Meds, Gluten, Seasonal, Severe, ETC
7. Amblyopia AKA Lazy Eye
8. Anemia
9. Anencephaly
10. Anger Problems
11. Anxiety
12. Apraxia of Limb
13. Apraxia of Speech
14. Arthritis
15. Asperger’s – Autism Spectrum Disorder
16. Asthma
17. Attention Deficit Disorder
18. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
20. Auditory Processing Disorder
21. Autoimmune Problems
22. Beckwith–Weidemann Syndrome
23. Bedwetting
24. Bicuspid Aortic Stenosis
25. Bilateral Retinoblastoma
26. Bipolar Disorder AKA Bipolar Affective Disorder, Manic-Depressive Disorder, or Manic Depression
27. Blood Clotting Issues
28. Borderline Personality Disorder
29. Born with One Kidney
30. Bowel Obstruction
31. Celiac Disease
32. Cellulitis
33. Chest Pain: Undefined
34. (Chronic) Bronchitis
35. Chronic Ear Infections
36. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
37. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease AKA Emphysema
38. Cleft Palate
39. Clubbed Thumb
40. Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (CTEV) AKA Club Foot
41. Congenital Hypothyroidism
42. Constipation AKA Costiveness AKA Dyschezia AKA Trouble moving Bowels
43. Crohn’s Disease AKA Crohn’s Syndrome AKA Regional Enteritis
44. Cystic Hygroma
45. Cysts
46. Deafness
47. Deformed Baby Teeth
48. Depression
49. Developmental Delay
50. Dual AV Node In Heart
51. Dyslexia
52. Eczema
53. Edwards Syndrome
54. Ehler’s- Danlos Syndrome AKA Cutis Hyperelastica
55. Emotional Problems
56. Endometriosis
57. Enlarged Adenoids
58. Enlarged Tonsils
59. Failure to Thrive (Difficulty Gaining Weight)
60. Fibromyalgia
61. Fine Motor Aphasia
62. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
63. Gross Motor Aphasia
64. Headaches
65. Hearing Aids (Both Ears)
66. Hearing Loss
67. Heart Murmur
68. High Blood Pressure AKA Hypertension
69. High Cholesterol AKA Hypercholesterolemia
70. Hip Dysplasia
71. Hirsutism AKA Frasonism (Female facial hair)
72. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
73. Hole in Heart
74. Holoprosencephaly (Lobar)
75. Hydrocephalus
76. Hydronephrosis AKA Enlarged Kidney
77. Hyperflexability in the Joints AKA Hypermobility in the Joints
78. Hypospadias
79. Hypovitaminosis D AKA Vitamin D Deficiency
80. Idiopathic Thrombocytic Purpura (ITP)
81. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
82. Insomnia AKA Trouble Sleeping AKA Sleeplessness
83. Idiopathic Thrombocytic Purpura (ITP)
84. Keratosis Pilaris (KP) AKA Chicken Skin
85. Kidney Problems
86. Kyphosis
87. Learning Disability, Non Specific
88. Leg and Hip Problems at Birth
89. Low Birth Weight
90. Lupus AKA Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
91. Metabolic Syndrome
92. Migraines
93. Minimal Separation of Left Renal Collecting System
94. Missing Teeth
95. Moody
96. Neural Tube Defects
97. Night Terrors
98. Nosebleeds AKA Epistaxis
99. Obesity
100. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
101. One Testicle That is Smaller Than the Other One
102. Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
103. Osteoporosis
104. Overall Weak Immune System
105. Past Urinary Problems
106. Pervasive Developmental Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) (Form of Autism)
107. Peeling Finger/ Toe Nails
108. Pericardial Cyst On Heart
109. Photosensitivity
110. Pica
111. Plagiocephaly
112. Poland Syndrome, Undiagnosed
113. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
114. Poor Hand/Eye Coordination
115. Potty Training Problems
116. Premature Birth
117. Primary Teeth Retention- Causes Crooked and Crowded Teeth
118. Prone to Vericocele/ Hydracele
119. Prune Belly Syndrome
120. Pulmonary Stenosis
121. Pyloric Stenosis
122. Radial Dysphasia of the Wrist
123. Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy
124. Retinoblastoma AKA Cancer of the Retina
125. Ruptured Ear Drums
126. Scoliosis
127. Seizures
128. Sensitive Skin
129. Sensory Processing Disorder/ Dysfunction of Sensory Integration
130. Severe Colic
131. 130.Sickle Cell Anemia
132. Sinusitis
133. Skin Problems
134. Sleep Apnea
135. Snoring
136. Social Anxiety Disorder
137. Speech Disorder, Articulation
138. Spinal Muscular Atrophy
139. Spine is Blunt at the Bottom
140. Stickler Syndrome
141. Stomach Pain: Undefined
142. Teeth Growing in Crooked
143. Thoracic Kyphosis
144. Tibial Torsion
145. Ticks
146. Torticollis AKA Wry Neck
147. Tourette’s Syndrome
148. Two Uteruses
149. Type One Diabetes
150. Umbilical Hernia (At Birth)
151. Urinary Tract Infection AKA Bladder Infections
152. Vacterl Syndrome (Born without an Anus)
153. Ventricular Septial Defect
154. Viral Meningitis
155. Von Willebrand Disease
156. Warts
157. Weak Baby Teeth
158. Weak Enamel In/On Teeth
159. Weird Skin Rashes

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We are now collecting 3rd generation (biological grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans) illnesses to add to our databases.

Please contact us at to participate.  Any information you provide will be kept confidential.


GMO’s – 23 Reasons To Avoid Them

Let’s Face It, There will always be someone who looks at you like a deer in headlights when you try to explain why GMO’s are not safe.  Maybe this will help.

1. GMOs are grown with toxic chemicals and resulting pesticide residues are known to be harmful to human health.

2. Research has shown that laboratory mammals fed GMOs suffer adverse effects that include damage to kidneys, liver, adrenal glands, spleen, and heart. Additionally, their immune systems were compromised and in some cases brain size was reduced.

Environmental harms.

3. GMO crops require huge amounts of chemicals that are harmful to soil, water, the atmosphere, and creatures. Although they are promoted as a technology to reduce pesticide usage, GM crops in the U.S. used greater than 26 percent more pesticides per acre in 2008 than non-GMO crops, based on U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) data.

4. GMOs are actually increasing the need for stronger and more poisonous pesticides. For example, one agrochemical company is awaiting USDA approval of corn and soybeans resistant to 2, 4-D, a chemical related to Agent Orange.

5. GMOs are causing a growing epidemic of “superweeds.” These massive weeds have evolved a resistance to glyphosate, a chemical used on GM crops. Stronger toxic chemicals and soil-eroding tillage operations are required in order to eliminate superweeds.

6. GMOs contribute to global warming: GM crops require synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, which are responsible for approximately 60 percent of total emissions of nitrous oxide (a greenhouse gas nearly 300 times more potent than CO2). GM crops use high amounts of fossil fuels through the production of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers.

7. GMO practices contaminate our organic and local food systems. A report titled, Gone to Seed, found that 50 percent or more of non-GMO corn, canola, and soybean seed have been contaminated with GM genes.

8. Beneficial insects can be harmed. A Cornell University study showed that monarch butterflies suffered higher mortality rates when consuming milkweed leaves dusted with the Bt toxin associated with GM crops. And recently, pesticides called neonicotinoids have been blamed for the collapsing bee populations.

Harms to social and human rights.

9. GMOs are promoted as way to feed the world and mitigate hunger; however, numerous studies demonstrate that the GM crops do not produce higher yields as claimed. As one example, a USDA publication reports that “GM crops do not increase the yield potential.”

10. GMOs lead to corporate control over seed and food: Today only one company controls about 95 percent of GM seeds. This limits access to seeds, which are the center of food and life.

11. These large agri-corporations do not let farmers save seeds, a basic practice that has continued for centuries to ensure food security.

12. GMO agriculture is an extension of current industrial-farming practices that have resulted in the loss of family farms and farmer livelihoods around the globe.

Read Full Article by guest blogger Alberto Gonzalez, founder and CEO of GustOrganics

Updated September 16, 2013

Scientific Reasons to Avoid GMOs at All Costs

1)  A study reported in the June 2013 issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Organic Systems involved research conducted over 22.7 weeks using 168 newly weaned pigs in a commercial U.S. piggery. One group of 84 pigs ate a diet that incorporated genetically modified (GM) soy and corn, and the other group of 84 pigs ate an equivalent non-GM diet.  The pigs that ate the GM diet had a higher rate of severe stomach inflammation – 32 percent of GM-fed pigs compared to 12 percent of non-GM-fed pigs (see photo above). The inflammation was worse in GM-fed males compared to non-GM fed males by a factor of 4.0, and GM-fed females compared to non-GM-fed females by a factor of 2.2. (Source)

2)  In 2012, researchers found that female rats fed Roundup Ready-tolerant GM corn developed large tumors and dysfunction of the pituitary gland; males also developed tumors and exhibited pathologies of the liver and kidney (Séralini, GE and others. Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maiz. Food and Chemical Toxicology 2012).

3)  Scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences reported between 2005 and 2006 that female rats fed Roundup Ready-tolerant GM soy produced excessive numbers of severely stunted pups with more than half of the litter dying within three weeks, and the surviving pups completely sterile.  (Source)

4)  In 2005, scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Canberra, Australia reported that a harmless protein in beans (alpha-amylase inhibitor 1) transferred to peas via genetic engineering caused inflammation in the lungs of mice and provoked sensitivities to other proteins in the diet (Ho MW. Transgenic pea that made mice ill. Science in Society 29, 28-29, 2006).

5)  From 2002 to 2005, scientists at the Universities of Urbino, Perugia and Pavia in Italy published reports indicating that GM soy affected cells in the pancreas, liver and testes of young mice (Science in Society 29, 26-27, 2006).

6)  In 2004, Monsanto’s secret research dossier showed that rats fed MON863 GM corn developed serious kidney and blood abnormalities (GMWatch, 23 April 2004.)

7)  In 1998, Dr. Arpad Pusztai and colleagues formerly of the Rowett Institute in Scotland reported damage in every organ system of young rats fed GM potatoes containing snowdrop lectin, including a stomach lining twice as thick as controls (Contaminants and Toxins, (J P F D’Mello ed.), Scottish Agricultural College, Edinburgh, CAB International, 2003).

8)  Also in 1998, scientists in Egypt found similar effects in the guts of mice fed Bt potato (Fares NH and El-Sayed AK. Fine structural changes in the ileum of mice fed on dendotoxin-treated potatotes and transgenic potatoes. Natural Toxins, 1998, 6, 219-33; also “Bt is toxic” by Joe Cummins and Mae-Wan Ho, ISIS News 7/8, February 2001, ISSN: 1474-1547 (print), ISSN: 1474-1814 (online) Agricultural Biotechnology 2006,

9)  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration had data dating back to early 1990s showing that rats fed GM tomatoes with antisense gene to delay ripening had developed small holes in their stomachs (Pusztai A, Bardocz S and Ewen SWB. Genetically modified foods: Potential human health effects. In Food Safety: Contaminants and Toxins, (J P F D’Mello ed.), Scottish Agricultural College, Edinburgh, CAB International, 2003).

10)  In 2002, Aventis company (later Bayer Cropscience) submitted data to UK regulators showing that chickens fed glufosinate-tolerant GM corn Chardon LL were twice as likely to die compared with controls (Food Safety: Contaminants and Toxins (CABI Publishing 2003 also Novotny E. Animals avoid GM food, for good reasons. Science in Society 21, 9-11, 2004).

11)  Testing by Monsanto itself has found that rats eating GM maize (MON863) develop smaller kidneys and show startling changes in blood chemistry.  One blood change included an increase in white blood cell count which demonstrates that the GM food elicited an immune reaction by the body.


The Weston A. Price Foundation

The Non-GMO Verified Project


Agent Orange – What Veterans Should Know

What every present day Veteran Should Know

Most of the veterans around today are of the Korean war, Vietnam war and Gulf war. In the past 10 to 11 years, Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Those of past wars and those who served in peace time need to explain to their sons, daughters, grand kids and maybe for some great grand kids, who may be serving their Country. How important it is to maintain records.

Upon discharge from any branch of the Armed Forces, the service member receives a DD-214, release of service discharge. A very important document. Sometimes on that discharge document it might state medals earned and duty stations served at. It is not always the case. Often times the person typing up the DD-214 does not go through the members service record to record medals and duty stations.

Upon discharge from any branch of service along with receiving a DD-214, they should ask for copies of their medical records, record of medals earned and duty stations and or commands served under. Also they should keep copies of all transfer orders and travel orders. These are important documents.

You may ask why keep those documents? It can be very likely they may be needed at some point in time years after discharge from military service.

An old injury creeps up on you that might be service connected or an illness that could be service connected. So you submit a VA claim. The VA asks for evidence of your service that may have caused an injury or illness. They will want to know what medals you earned, especially combat medals. They will want you to prove what duty stations and or commands you were attached to. Injury’s that may be service connect you have to prove with your medical records as well as medical records from a health care provider. Illness’s that may be service connected and prove where you were that could attest to a location.

If you don’t have these records or did have them and threw them away or misplaced them, good luck. It is a nightmare to get those records of service, that holds true to all branches of service. I could take mountains of paperwork on your part to find what you need as evidence for a VA claim. It could take several months even a year or more to find the documents needed. Any documents relative to the above should be kept in a safe place. A family member, wife, child, father, mother, etc. should now where you keep those documents for any event. By having these documents, it will be so much easier to submit a VA claim if and when needed for disability. The VA will not search for these documents for you, you are on your own to present them.

I am a Vietnam war veteran and I had saved all of my service documents over my 22 years of service. When I came down with Agent Orange exposure, those documents I saved were like gold. I had every thing the VA asked for and then some. It only took me a year to be rated disabled. On the other hand, if I did not have those documents, it conceivably could have taken several years to be rated disabled, that is if I were able to find what was needed by the VA.

Another important thing a veteran upon discharge should do is register with the VA to be in the system. This can be done by a phone call or on-line to get a form of registration and sending it in with a copy of your DD-214. Also all documents you collect must show your SS#, just write it on the top of each page. There is the possibility you may one day need to submit a VA claim. Safe guard your service documents, they may one day be important to you. Don’t cause yourself a nightmare later in life when you find you need help.

This advice is given by: © John J. Bury, US Navy, retired, Vietnam War veteran
Author for COVVHA


GMO Just Label IT Bill Introduced – BREAKING NEWS

The national Just Label It coalition applauded the introduction of bipartisan legislation today to require food manufacturers to inform consumers when packaged food contains genetically engineered ingredients.

The Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act was introduced today by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR).

“Americans want to know more, not less, about their food,” said Katey Parker of Just Label It, which has more than 650 partner organizations. “More than 90 percent of Americans want the same rights as consumers in 64 countries around the world.  It’s time to trust American consumers with information about genetically engineered ingredients so they can make the best choices for themselves and their families.”

More than 1 million Americans have petitioned FDA to require labeling on packaged food containing GE ingredients.

To view the Senate version of the bill, click here.

To view the House version of the bill, click here.

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