CNN Story Good News Bad News

Good News:

My little story about cancer man running marathons is on Headline News today. I’ve seen it twice, at about 9:13 and 10:13 am.

Bad News:

A longer version was scheduled for the Sanjay Gupta M.D. show, at 6:30 am this Saturday and Sunday. …

CNN Story

While I was in Washington DC a month ago, CNN interviewed me for their “Human Factor” segment – a guy running marathons with cancer. The story aired Tuesday morning, Nov 29, on their American Morning show.

It is available on CNN’s blog pages: http:…

Unmanned News

Well, at least they ended on a positive note. I’m referring to a story CNN did on, one of my Internet hangouts. As I said, in the end they spoke of a few of the positive contributions that autonomous aerial drones make to society, but only after they vilified them as tools for terrorists. […]