Agent Orange: It’s Affecting Veterans and Their Kids

The number of Vietnam veterans affected by the chemical Agent Orange is astonishing.

Roughly 300-thousand veterans have died from Agent Orange exposure — that’s almost five times as many as the 58-thousand who died in combat.

“Did it save lives? No doubt. Over there it did, but nobody knew it was going to be taking them later,” said Dan Stenvold, President of the North Dakota branch of the VVA.

The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) define Agent Orange as a highly toxic herbicide used by the U.S. military to kill vegetation during the Vietnam War.

“You know we killed the jungle with back packs, sprayed so we had a good perimeter,” said Stenvold.

According to Stenvold, one tablespoon of Agent Orange in the drinking water of Los Angeles would kill the entire city.

That toxicity is coming back to haunt veterans and it’s also affecting their children…

“Well my dad was a Vietnam veteran, my brother has brain cancer believed to be caused by Agent Orange passed through my father,” said Ashely Busby, daughter of a Vietnam Vet.

…And their children’s children.

“Our daughters that can’t have children, there’s a lot of them. I was telling Ashley I know of at least 70 in North Dakota alone where the daughters can’t have kids,” said Stenvold.

11 million gallons of Agent Orange were sprayed in Vietnam over 20 million acres, putting three million Vietnam veterans and their families at risk.

“It’s an everyday question kind of, you know, what’s passed on, what’s not passed on,” said Busby.

Stenvold did three tours in Vietnam and in 2002 he was diagnosed with diabetes linked to Agent Orange.

Since then he says he’s made a vow to raise awareness.

Two years ago, the VVA received 50 thousand dollars from the state to do just that.

“It’s amazing how many Vietnam veterans don’t know about it and you know it’s really opened the eyes, I gotta thank the North Dakota legislature because two years ago they had enough faith in us to go out and do what we’re doing and it’s working,” said Stenvold.

There are about 50 diseases connected agent orange exposure and nearly 20 birth defects recognized in the children of Vietnam veterans.

“I had a close friend who died a five years ago from lymphoma and he’s laying in Minot, he’s from Minot, dying and he says, “you know we all took a bullet over there, some of us just didn’t know it. We’re all going to die from it, eventually, or a lot of us will,” said Stenvold.

Mcneilus steel in Fargo made history as the first corporation in North Dakota to donate money to the VVA.

The employees and the company gave a total of $1,500 dollars to this cause.–296824751.html

Veterans Day Freebies & Deals 2014

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Red Lobster: Veterans and those with military ID may choose from a select list of appetizers to enjoy for free on Monday, November 10th – Thursday, November 13th.

Starbucks: Call locations beforehand to see if they’re participating in offering active duty military, veterans, and their spouses a free tall brewed coffee on November 11th.


(From Nan…… Hooter’s normally participates, too!)


 In 2013, Tami Monroe Canal founded March Against Monsanto because she believed it would protect her daughters’ health. Monsanto is an agricultural company that produces seed brands and herbicides (most famously, Roundup), some of which have been scientifically proven to cause health risks, such as birth defects, cancer, organ damage and auto-immune conditions. Monsanto is also one of the world’s leading producers of genetically modified organisms (better known as GMOs).

GMOs have been partially banned in several countries and foods containing GMO ingredients are currently labeled in 64 countries. Monsanto has spent millions in lobbying efforts opposing such laws in the United States. (Anti-labeling groups spent $22 million in an attempt to beat down labeling legislation in the state of Washington alone). The company has failed to make nice with independent farmers; early this year it won a lawsuit that allows the agri-giant to sue farmers whose fields are found to contain patent-protected Monsanto biotechnology, even if the farmers did not knowingly use such matter.

Despite the insistence from Monsanto that their company helps, not hurts, farmers, and the lack of credible scientific evidence proving that GMOs harm health and environment, Canal’s anti-Monsanto message is increasingly popular, evidenced by the 54 GMO labeling bills currently being discussed in 26 states, including Vermont’s signing such a bill into state law in early May.

March Against Monsanto (MAM) will gather on May 24 across “six continents, in 52 countries, with events in over 400 cities.” Participants demand Monsanto halt GMO use and the production of pesticides they believe are hazardous to human health and the environment, and support GMO labeling legislation as well. Locally, the march is organized by Cynthia Rose Kurkowski.

From the Farmers’ Perspective

OSGATA (Organic Seed Growers Association) v. Monsanto was filed by farmers and farm organizations in March 2011 to “invalidate Monsanto’s patents and protect organic and non-GMO family farmers from unwanted genetic contamination of their crops.” Monsanto sees it differently though, according to its website: “We understand the importance of planting and harvesting and always seek to minimize interfering with farmers’ normal activities.” However, unwanted seeds can blow into farmers’ crops, cross-pollinating with traditional crops, which ruins organic farms.

Since the GMO seeds are patented, this gives Monsanto the power to enforce their legal patents. Supporters of OSGATA argue that Monsanto harms independent farmers’ livelihoods worldwide with ruthless patent infringement legislation and its giant status as a near-monopoly means some crops, like corn and soybeans, are virtually impossible to guarantee as organic and GMO-free.

Agent Orange

Monsanto was the largest producer of agent orange during the Vietnam War and “half of agent orange’s chemical compound (2,4-D) and pesticides like Roundup are chemicals being sprayed on GMO crops,” allege The Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance and March Against Monsanto. The groups insinuate that this could negatively impact health, with CVVHA pointing to its members’ own myriad defects and chronic diseases; however, the EPA has said 2,4-D and Roundup are safe for farming.

Halting Influence on Government

Many MAM marchers are also concerned about Monsanto’s influence in government circles. There’s the ability to invest millions in lobbying efforts (as in Washington State) for one, but there’s also a more insidious dynamic at play, according to anti-GMO activists. In 1998, writing for progressive British journal The Ecologist, Jennifer Ferrera noted that several former Monsanto employees held key positions in the U.S.’ Food and Drug Administration. To the activists this creates a troubling conflict of interest in Monsanto and other biotech giants’ favor. Monsanto brushes this off as a logical progression for industry specialists.

MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO ON MAY 24th in a city near you!


Agent Orange: Vets need help with this scourge

The Salisbury Post published this editorial Wednesday.

Although the nation’s Vietnam veterans have received some belated apologies for the shameful treatment many of them received when they came home from war, there’s still some unfinished business — including the scourge of Agent Orange.

The U.S. military used the dioxin-laced herbicide as a defoliant in Southeast Asia, dumping it by the millions of gallons. It’s estimated that 2.5 million U.S. veterans may have been exposed to the chemical, which has now been linked to various cancers, Type 2 diabetes and other physical problems.

Although the conflict ended decades ago, veterans continue trying to get answers to how that exposure may have affected their health — and get help coping with the consequences. Now, veterans also have concerns that the harmful effects of Agent Orange may be showing up in birth defects and other health problems affecting their children and grandchildren.

To help raise awareness about Agent Orange and share information about available resources, veterans have been holding town-hall meetings around the nation, with sponsorship from local VA groups as well as the Vietnam Veterans of America and the Associates of Vietnam Veterans, which supports veterans’ family members. A meeting last week in Mooresville at Richard’s Coffee Shop and Military Museum drew about 150 participants, many traveling from around the state or farther to listen to speakers and share their experiences with other vets.

(You can find more information about upcoming meetings at

Many vets are worried that the toxic effects of their decades-old exposure to Agent Orange may extend even to their offspring’s offspring. Legislation was introduced in Congress last year to fund research into such “legacy problems,” but the issue has not yet gained the groundswell of support needed to push through passage.
Millions of service members were exposed to Agent Orange, and a growing body of research points to its link with many health problems. Veterans deserve stronger support and more assurance their government won’t shirk its responsibilities to support veterans and their families still dealing with this toxic legacy of war. These veterans have suffered enough in body as well as spirit. They shouldn’t have to refight the Agent Orange battle on behalf of their children or their children’s children.

Editorial Here

Agent Orange – Granchildren of Vietnam Veterans Reported Birth Defects Update

We have compiled a list of 159 reported illnesses that the biological Grand-Children of Vietnam Veterans are suffering from to try and find common threads. There have been no official claims that anything on this list has been proven to be caused by Agent Orange/Dioxin unless otherwise noted in the information below. If your child is suffering from any illness not listed, please email us at COVVHA@GMAIL.COM. This list has been updated as of September 22, 2013.
1. 16p deletion in DNA:
2. Abdominal Migraines
3. Abdominal Scar Tissue Growth
4. Alopecia Universalis
5. Allergic Rhinitis AKA Hay Fever
6. Allergies- Food, Milk, Meds, Gluten, Seasonal, Severe, ETC
7. Amblyopia AKA Lazy Eye
8. Anemia
9. Anencephaly
10. Anger Problems
11. Anxiety
12. Apraxia of Limb
13. Apraxia of Speech
14. Arthritis
15. Asperger’s – Autism Spectrum Disorder
16. Asthma
17. Attention Deficit Disorder
18. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
20. Auditory Processing Disorder
21. Autoimmune Problems
22. Beckwith–Weidemann Syndrome
23. Bedwetting
24. Bicuspid Aortic Stenosis
25. Bilateral Retinoblastoma
26. Bipolar Disorder AKA Bipolar Affective Disorder, Manic-Depressive Disorder, or Manic Depression
27. Blood Clotting Issues
28. Borderline Personality Disorder
29. Born with One Kidney
30. Bowel Obstruction
31. Celiac Disease
32. Cellulitis
33. Chest Pain: Undefined
34. (Chronic) Bronchitis
35. Chronic Ear Infections
36. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
37. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease AKA Emphysema
38. Cleft Palate
39. Clubbed Thumb
40. Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (CTEV) AKA Club Foot
41. Congenital Hypothyroidism
42. Constipation AKA Costiveness AKA Dyschezia AKA Trouble moving Bowels
43. Crohn’s Disease AKA Crohn’s Syndrome AKA Regional Enteritis
44. Cystic Hygroma
45. Cysts
46. Deafness
47. Deformed Baby Teeth
48. Depression
49. Developmental Delay
50. Dual AV Node In Heart
51. Dyslexia
52. Eczema
53. Edwards Syndrome
54. Ehler’s- Danlos Syndrome AKA Cutis Hyperelastica
55. Emotional Problems
56. Endometriosis
57. Enlarged Adenoids
58. Enlarged Tonsils
59. Failure to Thrive (Difficulty Gaining Weight)
60. Fibromyalgia
61. Fine Motor Aphasia
62. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
63. Gross Motor Aphasia
64. Headaches
65. Hearing Aids (Both Ears)
66. Hearing Loss
67. Heart Murmur
68. High Blood Pressure AKA Hypertension
69. High Cholesterol AKA Hypercholesterolemia
70. Hip Dysplasia
71. Hirsutism AKA Frasonism (Female facial hair)
72. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
73. Hole in Heart
74. Holoprosencephaly (Lobar)
75. Hydrocephalus
76. Hydronephrosis AKA Enlarged Kidney
77. Hyperflexability in the Joints AKA Hypermobility in the Joints
78. Hypospadias
79. Hypovitaminosis D AKA Vitamin D Deficiency
80. Idiopathic Thrombocytic Purpura (ITP)
81. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
82. Insomnia AKA Trouble Sleeping AKA Sleeplessness
83. Idiopathic Thrombocytic Purpura (ITP)
84. Keratosis Pilaris (KP) AKA Chicken Skin
85. Kidney Problems
86. Kyphosis
87. Learning Disability, Non Specific
88. Leg and Hip Problems at Birth
89. Low Birth Weight
90. Lupus AKA Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
91. Metabolic Syndrome
92. Migraines
93. Minimal Separation of Left Renal Collecting System
94. Missing Teeth
95. Moody
96. Neural Tube Defects
97. Night Terrors
98. Nosebleeds AKA Epistaxis
99. Obesity
100. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
101. One Testicle That is Smaller Than the Other One
102. Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
103. Osteoporosis
104. Overall Weak Immune System
105. Past Urinary Problems
106. Pervasive Developmental Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) (Form of Autism)
107. Peeling Finger/ Toe Nails
108. Pericardial Cyst On Heart
109. Photosensitivity
110. Pica
111. Plagiocephaly
112. Poland Syndrome, Undiagnosed
113. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
114. Poor Hand/Eye Coordination
115. Potty Training Problems
116. Premature Birth
117. Primary Teeth Retention- Causes Crooked and Crowded Teeth
118. Prone to Vericocele/ Hydracele
119. Prune Belly Syndrome
120. Pulmonary Stenosis
121. Pyloric Stenosis
122. Radial Dysphasia of the Wrist
123. Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy
124. Retinoblastoma AKA Cancer of the Retina
125. Ruptured Ear Drums
126. Scoliosis
127. Seizures
128. Sensitive Skin
129. Sensory Processing Disorder/ Dysfunction of Sensory Integration
130. Severe Colic
131. 130.Sickle Cell Anemia
132. Sinusitis
133. Skin Problems
134. Sleep Apnea
135. Snoring
136. Social Anxiety Disorder
137. Speech Disorder, Articulation
138. Spinal Muscular Atrophy
139. Spine is Blunt at the Bottom
140. Stickler Syndrome
141. Stomach Pain: Undefined
142. Teeth Growing in Crooked
143. Thoracic Kyphosis
144. Tibial Torsion
145. Ticks
146. Torticollis AKA Wry Neck
147. Tourette’s Syndrome
148. Two Uteruses
149. Type One Diabetes
150. Umbilical Hernia (At Birth)
151. Urinary Tract Infection AKA Bladder Infections
152. Vacterl Syndrome (Born without an Anus)
153. Ventricular Septial Defect
154. Viral Meningitis
155. Von Willebrand Disease
156. Warts
157. Weak Baby Teeth
158. Weak Enamel In/On Teeth
159. Weird Skin Rashes

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Agent Orange – The Chicken Before The #GMO Egg

For 50 years, Monsanto and 6 other chemical companies have gotten away with murder. The weapon used, most predominantly during the Vietnam War, was Agent Orange, second only to radioactive waste. During the Vietnam War era, Monsanto produced agent orange at 1,000 times greater the potency vs. the other 6 companies. Hundreds of thousands globally have died including members of Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance and will continue to die drastically before the average human lifespan.

Today, half of Agent Orange’s chemical compound, 2, 4,-D, and other pesticides like roundup, are the chemicals being sprayed on GMO (genetically modified organism) crops, resulting in triple the danger of food that is not organic.  Imagine what happens to a body already exposed to agent orange like myself, Truth Teller, that consumes these GMO pesticides and foods.  In a nutshell, Agent Orange was, in essence, the chicken before the GMO egg.

As I said before,  for the last 50 years, Monsanto has gotten away with this crime.  If there is no unity between organizations fighting for Agent Orange justice and those fighting for the labeling & banning of GMO’s, how many more years do you think it will take before you see a change?  The answer, can simply be only one…. TOO MANY.

This is a call for ALL to educate themselves, others, & those that fight against us to UNITE.  My only question left to ask now is, are YOU in or are you out?

(C) Kelly L. Derricks, Co-Founder/President
(COVVHA) Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance INC.