Another perspective

Auschwitz for cats. Sparkles sat in her cell and cringed from the sounds and smells of the place. She had to remember to give the sides of her cage a margin or the feral witches on either side of her would reach through the bars with their stiletto claws and rip chunks of fur and […]

Credit Where It’s Due

It’s not even my cat. I have no idea why it seems to find me so compelling, but it apparently does. It’s a black cat –one of the ones they call a tuxedo cat because it has a white diamond on its chest and looks like it’s wearing a tuxedo. Formal cat attire. It started […]

Taking Control

There was a mewling noise coming from the bathroom. I was half asleep in bed as I heard it, and lay wrapped up in my blankets trying to figure out what the noise might be. It sounded like a cat, but how could it be a cat when there was no cat in my room or bathroom. At least, there was no way for one to have slipped in, the door as closed and latched. The meow came again, more […]