It Takes a Village

I loved the overcast days on Long Island Sound as much as I did the sunny ones. On overcast days, the lack of glare was easier on the eyes and allowed greater visual acuity long distances. You could still get a heck of a sunburn if you hadn’t slathered yourself with at least an SPF […]

Yoo Ben Trauble, yah?

The Whaler was riding up and down the swells like a horse on a merry go round. Up and down, up and down. It was fun but also getting a little annoying. I was headed into the Harlem River by Pot Rock. Like everywhere in New England, there was history. Pot Rock’s claim to fame […]

Summer on the Sound

The wind was out of the southeast at 15 knots and running against the current, kicked up five foot rollers that occasionally broke as whitecaps. My eighteen foot Boston Whaler rode high and offered a roller coaster ride as it cut along at a slow cruise. The Mercury-Kiekhaefer outboard burbled smoothly, a reassuring noise out […]

Row, Row, Row

The Sound was angry today. Waves were breaking whitecaps at about five feet. That doesn’t sound like much until you try it in a 18 foot Boston Whaler. It was a cross between that mechanical bull thing at the famed Gilly’s Bar of Urban Cowboy fame and a roller coaster. I was white knuckled as […]

Evening on Nantucket Sound

Muskaget Island isn’t much of an island, it’s more of a sandbar that has a groady little airstrip on it. I’m not sure what it’s like there now, but in my youth no one could build on it for its ever shifting sands and occasional flooding high tides. It stands off the western point of […]