Checking it out

We walked out of the single story building and into the sun. Well, I was rolling and my friend was walking. He’d come along for the ride out of curiosity because he wanted to see the place I was considering for hospice care when the end was nigh. So far I was in favor of […]

VA Backlog: Get Off Your Duff

The VA has been frought with problems since it was created. The problems at the VA are not so much medical care as access to that care. Each presidential administration has, in one way or another attempted to improve the process of determining eligibility with some administrations creating special committees to address the issues. None […]

The Cost Of Cancer

Once you have processed your diagnosis and your treatment, it is unfortunately necessary for one to deal with the life admin. Despite being stuck in this inexplicable twilight and having to come to terms with a diagnosis and prognosis, which is beyond unfathomable, I have had to learn that life goes on. Everything that existed […]