Science Faction

“Artoo!” “Tweet.” “Go forward. Two units.” “Tweetle tweet.” The canister looking robot rolled forward about three feet and then made another tweet noise. I spent about ten minutes talking to the plastic replica of the Star Wars robot before I reached down and shut its power off. Every now and then I take out my Astromech R2D2 […]

From WTF to RTF

The box left by UPS was big. Not as large as a few they’ve dropped off on the porch, but big enough. It measured two and a half feet on a side and was 20 inches deep. I looked at the container and my smile grew large, not unlike the box. It was here at […]

Palpitations of the Heart

My new DJI Phantom quadcopter has perhaps the MOST convoluted status readout I’ve ever encountered. Understand, for its tiny size, there is some serious sensing and computing going on in its little brain. It has a barometer, and a compass as well as GPS to let it know where it is and where its going, […]