Portland Attacked!

We were sitting in Bob’s living room. Rocky and Bullwinkle reruns were on but the sound was down. If he wanted to, Bob could have recited the dialog if he wanted to. “See?” he said. “That’s one of the things that drives me nuts.” “What is?” I asked. “That!” Bob pointed at the television. “I […]

Commuter Blues

“Get him up.” I couldn’t see the person speaking, what with my face in the angular gravel lining the tracks. The railroad had a name for the rocks but I couldn’t remember what it was. I wondered why I was even thinking about it. I had bigger problems. I hurt all over and was having […]

I Hate Roseburg

I was laying on the railroad tracks just outside the Roseburg, Oregon yard. I was hog tied and naked, and bruised pretty badly from the butt kicking a bunch of rednecks just gave me. Many of the jobs in Roseburg had to do with Weyerhauser, either their mill or the trees that fed it. About […]