Blurred Vision

Sitting in the back of the jeep afforded me a breeze that helped with the thick moist heat of Saigon. The air was always heavy there and it made the hot temperatures just that much more intolerable. I had the back seat to myself and sat in the middle so that the air rushing past […]

Last Moments

The Chambers Brothers were playing the Civic Theater in Philadelphia and it was a sure bet we were going. The fact that I was in the army and stationed at Frankford Arsenal at the time was, I felt merely an inconvenience. The army and I hadn’t been getting along particularly well, having gotten off on […]


There’s always one. Whenever I have memories about a group I was with, maybe at camp or school, or whatever, I will recall one seriously annoying schmuck. A person who bullies his way through life, seemingly feeding on those less powerful to satisfy a need for status or something. Quite often we’ll think that because […]

Rest and Recrimination

I was bathed in sweat, I was dirty and tired, and I had just finished a 14 hour push to ready 23 aircraft loads for delivery into the bush. On my way back to the squad hooch, I was diverted by the sounds of music and conversation at the PX beer hall, sometimes referred to […]

Taking the Fall

Sometimes I forget that I’m a reluctant junkie. I was reminded this morning after having a difficult time getting to sleep the night before. As a result of only getting to sleep as the sun was preparing to rise above the horizon like a prairie dog, I managed to sleep four hours past my morning […]