And eggs fell out

Marcus Kelly and I were standing in a lean to waiting for the duty bus. The little thatched roof was the military’s wave to comfort for those of us GIs who used the sparse transportation to get around. We used the busses to get from place to place at the airport, the downtown administration buildings […]

Droning on and on

“I don’t want nobody to have the ability to take my picture whenever they please.” grumbled Bill Tenney at the dining table. He was having a business lunch with his fellow salesmen at the Caterpillar dealership outside Macon, Georgia. They’d often found themselves sitting in this self-same spot, usually two or three times a week […]

Delivering the Loads

It was hot. The inside of the plane was cavernous but there wasn’t room to move easily, the space taken up by cargo. The air smelled like hot oil and jet fuel with a touch of something chemical. The plane was lumbering, occasionally pitching because of air pockets. I wondered what an air pocket was, […]