Drop Kick

It was steaming hot in the Caribou, a cargo plane that looked like an abbreviated C-130 Hercules. It had a rear cargo ramp that would permit the passage of a single pallet which made it a good fit for small drops into remote outposts. We could load three pallets in a row for aerial drop, […]

Supply Fairies

It was hot inside the aircraft. I sat on one of the web seats that hung from the sidewall and affording me a closeup view of the pallets of supplies that had been loaded at the Bien Hoa airbase. I had no idea what was in the crates and containers strapped to the pallets.  We […]

Delivering the Loads

It was hot. The inside of the plane was cavernous but there wasn’t room to move easily, the space taken up by cargo. The air smelled like hot oil and jet fuel with a touch of something chemical. The plane was lumbering, occasionally pitching because of air pockets. I wondered what an air pocket was, […]