Blurred Vision

Sitting in the back of the jeep afforded me a breeze that helped with the thick moist heat of Saigon. The air was always heavy there and it made the hot temperatures just that much more intolerable. I had the back seat to myself and sat in the middle so that the air rushing past […]

Stopping by the Bank

My friend Greg and I were sitting in the bank parking lot dividing our money. We’d just cashed our paper route check and were talking about what we were going to do with our share. Greg commented that where we were stopped could block someone moving through the lot, so I put my Renault R8 […]

Another perspective

Auschwitz for cats. Sparkles sat in her cell and cringed from the sounds and smells of the place. She had to remember to give the sides of her cage a margin or the feral witches on either side of her would reach through the bars with their stiletto claws and rip chunks of fur and […]

Creative Geniuses (not)

“Are you sure this is gonna work?” asked my friend Jake. I nodded and rolled my extended finger as a gesture for him to keep going. He was using a mounted router to carve a piece of two by six into a propeller. “Just follow the profile I drew on the butt end and it’ll […]

Like a walk in the park

Don opened the trunk of his Toyota Camry and removed a large two foot by two foot box that was maybe 8 inches deep. He set it to the side and closed up his car, and grabbing the box by a conveniently cut in handle, he carried it suitcase style out to the large park. […]


I attached the cable and hopped off the concrete culvert. Our neighbor had come over soliciting some help for a project and my dad quickly volunteered me. They picked me up at just after 8 am the next morning, taking me downtown to a concrete company. Our neighbor had purchased three pieces of culvert, each […]