Slipping Away

When I told her dad how quick that car can get around the track, he indicated that was fitting – quick like Sauvie.  He asked if it also jumps a lot.  Actually the car does jump a lot, how did he know that?

It took a long time to become an old man

I don’t remember crossing the line, I’m sure it was a slow accumulation of things beginning with reading glasses and hairs turning gray.  Now I am a grandfather, older and wiser; but the wisdom that comes with age seems to be discounted by occasional forgetfulness.  No one really cares about what I have seen, done, […]

The Grudge Race

I took my Radio Controlled car, a Losi Short Course Buggy, when I visited my brother at the coast.  He has a Traxxas four wheel drive R/C gas truck.  I love the big fat tires on it.  At the beach, I was quickly putting parking lot dirt and debris in the air with the wheels […]

Four Minute Rodeo

The treadmill is a four minute rodeo, with the Arena Director and Flagman standing close by. My legs were getting heavy and my arms were getting longer, but I made it to the horn.

My Next Job?

I suggested that if we wait, wood grain Formica laminated cabinets and green Formica counter tops and back splashes will be in style again – and we will have the genuine article.

A New Old Photo

I attended a Martin Family Reunion at my cousin, Brian’s house in August.  He showed a reel of old family pictures.  The funny looking young people in the long ago photos brought a lot of laughs to the new young people.  I saw a few pictures of myself I had never seen, they were taken […]

Three Months At A Time

Thursday, I had my 6 month visit with my Pulmonologist (my sleep doctor).  I repeated my complaint, “I’m so tired of being tired,” and answered yes when he asked if the pills were helping. He quickly instructed, “Up the dosage.”  I think he likes to practice a little psycho analysis with the Pulmonology.  We talked […]