Myeloma on the Move

Hello 2.18.18

Did you see my surprise, not on the 8’s previous post :)) Due to “popular demand” lol, I posted my update on the 14th for you. I had my Dr appointment and Darazlex on Monday Feb 12, and learned “myeloma’s on the move” again. Not huge, bu…

Married to Myeloma… How I Survive

Hello 1.28.18

Can you believe it’s the end of January 2018 already! We all remember our parents saying “how time flies” the older we get. No truer words were spoken. Minutes blend to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months, months to year…

Hello Year 8… It’s Already Crazy 8s

Hellooooo 1.8.18

Just days ago (12.30.17), I “celebrated” my 8 year Myeloma diagnosis anniversary. Whoohoo! Soon after that, the world clock turned over to 2018, and we all celebrated the fresh new year.
I was looking forward to telling you of all my …

Happy New Year… You Have Myeloma


8 Years Ago Today, on 12.30.09, I Was Diagnosed with “high risk” Myeloma.

Today I celebrate my life, my health (what “little” I have), and all
those in my life that have helped me stay alive for these past 8 years! On this
8 year anni…

Better… and Let’s Keep It This Way


Just noting 12.17.17, the 2nd to last “7” post of 2017.

Yes, December is full of significant and symbolic anniversaries for me on so many levels. I will forever reflect back on December 2009, and how my life was turned upside down, and chang…