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Results may 24th

Just forget about the whole Lambda and Kappa story. As fas as I understood anything at all, it was too good to be true. This 2,8 appeared to be the m-protein value after all. The number we like to see as low as possible. Last week I asked my hematologist to explain  the whole story, because […]

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The Western Scrub JayThis weekend, after a five-year hiatus, I restored one of my backyard bird feeders. San Diego can’t support an abundance of birds naturally: it’s near-desertic (in rain, not in temperature), so food is scarce. Because I am ins…

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An impromptu bone marrow biopsy pays off …

On Friday May 20th, during Alpesh’s monthly Dr Z appointment, we convinced Dr Z to do an impromptu bone marrow biopsy to ease our concerns over the fluctuating kappa lightchains in the blood.  Those things look painful so I am not sure I w…

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On the Road

I’ve been traveling. Recently, my wife and I attended the graduation of our niece from Whitman College in Washington. Tillie, the daughter of my wife’s sister, received a degree in Theatre with a minor in Spanish. She landed a much sought after two-year position at the college admission office, which will provide her income and […]

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Astros at the 1/3 Point

The Major League Baseball season has a beginning, a middle and an end. Take 162 games, divide them by three, you've got 54 games per section.So, with 54 games in the books for the Astros, we can look at the season so far and take stock in what we&…

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Burst of energy

I thank God for dexa…. I just had a pulse of 20mg dex since Thursday for 3 days and I have 60mg coursing through my veins right now and I am super-charged! What a burst of energy!! I can imagine many of my fellow MM-ers gasping in shock – hold it! w…

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Just a Quick Check-In

Our Tennessee GalsHi gang-  hope this note finds everyone healthy and happy.  Want to report that our patient is doing quite well….physically, anyway.He’s dealing with his nemesis-  anything connected with WATER.  This week it’s o…

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Gladdens my heart

B with feeding tube carried in a pack on his backB laying sand on walkwaysThe two photos of my brother-in-law, B working at his garden, carrying sand to fill and level the bricked walkways, truly gladdens my heart.Since the end of last year, he had dif…

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Countdown to zero!

So it was the end of cycle 3 meeting on Tuesday, but I thought I’d wait till now to update you as I don’t get any figures until a few days aferwards.So, where I was at 12, I have dropped down to 8….single figures, hurrah!!! They have said to me since…

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Dominate for Kyle & His Team

I was recently made aware of a 19 year old named Kyle who is taking on AML up at UM C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. He is a rock star guy from everything I have heard about him. I was invited to visit him today (thanks Ann!) to help provide some dominat…

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